LEITWIND - Symbol of Change in Turkey with Wind Turbines!

LEITWIND can easily convert the wind being the unlimited and free power of nature to smart energy. The company differentiates with the topics about return of investment, quality, performance and reliability in Turkey! By focusing on customer needs, LEITWIND reflects the future trends, and provides you a profitable investment option. It will be an ideal partner for you. 


Return on Investment (ROI)

In the wind energy industry, LEITWIND is offering the most lucrative investment option with high performance and it has much more swept area than the nearest competitor with its 80 meter wing (rotor) diameter. In this way, the firm offers at least 30-50% more energy production capacity depending on the wind speed in the area according to its competitors.



For LEITWIND, quality is a format for existence. From the beginning to the end of the process, the quality is the main requirement in every detail. With the investigations in material selection, technical aspects & consultancy and international certifications, this philosophy is the core of LEITWIND as it offers services at European standards to its customers.



LEITWIND wind tribunes differentiate from its competitors with its performance. Besides the high production capacity, with 'direct drive technology',  LEITWIND also guarantees longer term use compared to the gear systems. With the help of direct drive technology, while reducing the returning part of system and friction, the wear and maintenance costs are also reduced and wind energy production can be provided even there is less wind in the area.



After doing the research and determining the most appropriate area for the installation of wind tribunes, LEITWIND continues to provide you the best support. From first contact, such as the installation and maintenance process, until the final stage of the project, LEITWIND will be with you with the data and technical measurements. LEITWIND has installed 316 wind tribunes worldwide, avoided 2.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and produced more than 3 billions kWh clean energy. Leitner , being the other firm of HTI group that LEITWIND also belongs to has built totally 40 lifts for private and public sectors for 20 years in Turkey. With the central offices in Bursa and Ankara and the employees, Leitner also provides installation and maintenance services for the wind energy sector.